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vegetables planting bag,grow bags,nursey pots,containers

vegetables planting bag,grow bags,nursey pots,containers
Product Detailed
light weight, easy to care for and transport, attractive and durable. good properties of air permeability,

        DZLYTM nonwoven fabric planting bags

Flowerpot Grow bags--- for plants root control. Especially for solanaceae plants (Tomato, potato, yam, sugar beets etc.) and other edible plants.Tree root control bags Aquatic plant container

 Material: According to their different utility, DZLYTM planting bags include monochromatic planting bags and multi-color planting bags.

      1. Monochromatic planting bags are made of non-woven fabric.

      2.Multi-color planting bags are fabric bags that have a colorful fabric on the outside of them and have a non-woven fabric on the inside of them.


    1. DZLYTM flowerpot: Monochromatic, two-color multi-color non-woven fabric bag.  

     DZLYTM flowerpot is made of a non-woven fabric that is fast draining and very durable. Root hairs that grow through the fabric can be trimmed off; the main roots stay inside with a comfortable growing space. Flowers can be grown in DZLYTM flowerpot for a few years without girdling the roots. This bag does not easily biodegrade, making it a long lasting container.     Flowers in DZLYTM flowerpot may be placed into the ground and grown out this way. It is easy to remove if you must move your garden in a year or two. If the ground freezes where you live, plants in DZLYTM flowerpot must be insulated or stored at a temperature of 35-40 F. Complete growing directions for flowers in containers are available.

2. DZLYTM Grow bag:  Monochromatic or two-color non-woven fabric bag

DZLYTM grow bag is a soft-sided aeration container that air root prunes your plants. Air root pruning is a key component to a healthy fibrous root ball. Unlike plastic containers, roots do not circle. Instead, air root pruning creates a more fibrous root structure with more root tips. More roots means quicker growth. No circling roots mean better growth.

DZLYTM grow bag is an aeration container. Because of full aeration, you can use a heavier mix or medium in the DZLYTM grow bag than you might use in a plastic container.

3.  DZLYTM tree root control bag: Monochromatic non-woven fabric bag

    Trees are planted in the DZLYTM tree root control bag. As the roots grow they extend to the fabric wall where a callous is formed. Only fine feeder roots penetrate the bag to absorb water and nutrients. The strong base diverts any downward growing roots. Growth within the DZLYTM tree root control bag occurs naturally as irrigation or natural rainfall controls moisture levels in the growing media. 

Harvesting the trees from the field is easy – specialized machinery is unnecessary for lifting most trees. Two persons can usually complete the lifting of mature trees from the ground. A narrow trench is dug around the bag and the root growth is pruned from the outside of the bag before lifting. The bag may be cut and removed for immediate planting or secured around the root-ball for transport. 

The advantages of DZLYTM planting bags

       DZLYTM planting bags promote healthy roots and healthy plants. DZLYTM planting bags are light weight, easy to care for and transport, attractive and durable. Meanwhile, they have good properties of air permeability, moisture permeability and heat conductive…

1.It’s made of international advanced materials, which is light, thin, strong, tough, durable and best suited to cultivate seedlings.

2. Penetrating into the earth, it’s permeable and breathable. The rootlet can absorb moisture nutrients thus the plant grows rapidly. At the same time, the nature of surrounding soils is improved, and the water conserved.

3. Anyone, skilled or not, is able to transplant the flowers and plants in a fast and efficient way.

4. The root is pruned naturally and the main root is not hurt. Transplanting can be performed throughout the year, and the survival rate is close to 100%.

5. Flowers and plants continue to grow after transplantation without rest period. Do not need to worry about survival issues.

6. More flower and plant can be planted in the DZLYTM planting bags.

7. Properly used, the DZLYTM planting bags can reduce cultivation cost and obtain greater profits for you.

vegetables planting bag,grow bags,nursey pots,containers

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